East Week

East Week is a renowned weekly magazine in Hong Kong with its editorial coverage focuses on current affairs and entertainment news in the region. The weekly has adopted a balanced and objective approach in its editorial positioning with a commitment to serving the interest of all Hong Kong people. The magazine is also striving its best to become the preferred weekly magazine for advertisers selling their premium products.

In the past years, East Week has been sold at Chinese bookstores and newsstands at US$6.95. But now, readers can get most of the content free from Sing Tao. Since 2004, Sing Tao East USA would put together 70 -100 pages of this exciting magazine into a complimentary edition and distribute it along with Sing Tao Daily throughout the U.S.

Editorial Content
Cover stories on social and cultural events in Hong Kong with informed analysis that delves deeply into major issues and stories;
Celebrity interviews/activities & industry updates;
Feature articles on living, arts & socio-political issues.