Sing Tao New York

With the mission to serve Chinese worldwide, Sing Tao opened the first oversea office in New York, United States in 1965. Since then, Sing Tao has become part of the Chinese American life. Serving coast to coast, Sing Tao caters the newspaper Sing Tao Daily and magazines to different interest groups of age, education and income levels.

Our readers include old-time Chinese ancestries as well as new immigrants, students and visitors from all over the world, mainly China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Apart from its excellence in journalism, Sing Tao places great emphasis on corporate social responsibility. It has been committed to numerous community and charitable activities such as arts and cultural activities, and disaster relief, all of which as received wholehearted support from the civic and social communities among the local Chinese communities.

Sing Tao always seeks to be a home away from home for the Chinese overseas. Sing Tao is where Chinese would turn to for a link with their homeland, and for knowledge about their new home culture and events.

"… a credit to the journalistic profession and to the printed media"
George E. Pataki
Governor, State of New York

"… a Chinese Newspaper of many varieties"
Sheldon Silver
Speaker of Assembly, State of New York

"… efforts in assisting readers and the Chinese community"
Michael R. Bloomberg
Mayor, The City of New York

"… offer a quality newspaper with comprehensive, objective coverage on all topics from around the world"
Richard M. Daley
Mayor, City of Chicago

"… one of themost trusted Chinese dailies in the world"
Nydia M. Velazquez
Member of Congress, New York

"… plays an important role in sharing the nation's news with Chinese communities in the United States and abroad"
Elaine L. Chao
Secretary of Labor

"… faithfully devote their resources and purposeful energies to improving the quality and dignity of life in the communities they serve"
Senator Martin J. Golden
New York State Senate

"… a voice of the people"
Jesse White
Secretary of State, State of Illinois

"… one of the most popular Chinese newspapers in the United States"
Virginia Field
President of the Manhattan Borough, City of New York

"… extraordinary news coverage"
Marty Markowitz
President of the Borough of Brooklyn, City of New York

"… formed a bond with the Chinese community"
Helen M. Marshall
President of the Borough of Queens, City of New York

"…influences the opinion of Chinese-American leaders… enliven Chinese-American communities"
John C. Liu
Council Member, The City of New York

"… the best local newspaper"
Alan J. Gerson
Council Member, The City of New York